OptiMums: Assisted Fertility & Pregnancy

Creating Optimal Health at The Reiki Room with New Life Reiki Treatments to enhance and encourage fertility, conception, healthy pregnancies and labour for mum and baby with Elizabeth at Honour WellBeing, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire UK



The Way of Gentleness

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"Elizabeth provided me with a very spiritual, calming and caring experience. It enabled me to look inside myself...
and I did become pregnant!"
(KM - Oxfordshire)

Optimising Fertility and Enhancing Pregnancy

A seed depends on the conditions of the soil for it's ability to germinate, grow, thrive and blossom...

- Optimise your health and wellbeing prior to conception -

- Receive relaxation and relief from the minor discomforts of pregnancy -

- Be supported through IVF and optimise the chances of successful pregnancy and birth -

- Try a gentle alternative to orthodox medical interventions -

- Receive gentle healing for grief and loss following miscarriage or birth trauma -

Heart Hands and Baby Feet

Fertility and Pre-Conceptual Care

Golden Way Reiki can aid conception in a gentle, non-invasive way through its deeply relaxing, releasing and rebalancing effect, and has an excellent reputation in helping couples face fertility challenges. When a person is in balance physically and emotionally, energetically and psychologically and spiritually, all the body systems perform in a healthy way, reducing stress and tension and regulating cycles. When your body is in this balanced, relaxed state, the conditions are ideal for conception.

Pre-conceptual care is all about helping to prepare the body, mind and spirit for the miracle of conceiving, growing and birthing a baby. Both partners are encouraged to have Golden Way Reiki to aid calm and relaxation, and to optimise emotional wellbeing, and also to nourish their physical body appropriately by paying attention to their diet and lifestyle.

"I can honestly say that the flow of positive energies around my body through reflexology did unlock emotional blockages... making it a far more tranquil place to grow my baby."
(KM - Oxfordshire)

Honour New Life Reiki Treatments

Please click the Honour Life Reiki link above for details of these gently nurturing Treatments.

Mothering and Fathering Issues

Are you asking:  "Why am I not pregnant yet?"

Mothering and fathering issues within families are often part of patterns which are handed on to us, leading to relationship challenges and other conflicts.  These often lead to an imbalance in the masculine and feminine energies which in turn affects hormonal balance in both mean and women, and the ability to conceive and carry a baby.  The treatments I offer can assist in resolving these issues, and releasing and clearing the emotional blocks affecting your wellbeing, and offer profound rebalancing.

Golden Way Reiki Treatments in particular can be tailored specifically to assist with fertility issues.  These are a particularly lovely, re-balancing way to encourage gentle healing and to promote a happy and healthy pregnancy for mum, dad and baby whatever the issues.  These can be received as a preparation for birth, during pregnancy or after the birth.

Sometimes, a couple find it difficult to conceive because of physical reasons. However, sometimes there is no obvious reason. My work is about asking the deeper question of what is really the matter, and I work with the assistance of Honour Life Reiki to heal those underlying reasons. Often there is a pattern which is being handed down generationally through the family, commonly issues around mothering - and fathering. Golden Way Reiki works subtly to heal those patterns and is a wonderful facilitator.

"I felt immediately at ease with Elizabeth, and the sessions I have had are my 'me' time, giving me an opportunity to be totally relaxed!  She certainly works her magic and has improved my sleep no end in the final run up to the birth.  Thank you, Elizabeth!"
 (KC- Witney)

 Birth Trauma and Loss

Perhaps, sadly, you have suffered with repeated miscarriages or are grieving over the loss of a child or recovering from birth trauma.  In each case, this can leave deep emotional wounding, which can sometimes prevent conceiving another child

If you have experienced a particular disappointment or loss in life from which you are finding it difficult to recover,  I am experienced in offering gentle reassurance and emotional healing, enabling people to move on and discover life anew.

Please go to my Honour New Life Reiki page for details of my Crystal Compassion Cycles of Reiki when there is particular issue around birth trauma or the loss of a child.  

NB:  For the optimum outcome, it is recommended that both prospective parents receive treatments.