Supportive Reiki for Pregnancy & Healthy Child Birth

Golden Way Reiki, Honour New Life Reiki and Crystal Reiki Healing, to support fertility & conception and to enhance pregnancy, labour, birth & beyond.  Healing for grief and loss around birth trauma and miscarriage, termination or loss of a child.




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"Elizabeth has the ability to bring calm and peace to your life and her treatments are effective but blissful.
Just being in Elizabeth's calming presence makes you feel at peace and loved. "
(Laila L - Cheltenham)

Planning for and conceiving a baby can be one of the most exciting experiences in a couple's life - when things don't go to plan, it can become a situation of tension and frustration, which in itself can mitigate against conception. When bodies and minds become stressed, they cease to work to their optimum and couples can find themselves in a negative spiral. 

I offer a uniquely gently and compassionate way of supporting your whole being, throughout conception, pregnancy, labour or birth, assisting you in making the optimum preparation during this very special time in your life.

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The orthodox medical approach to assisted conception can be experienced as invasive and stressful. Honour Life Reiki Treatments offer you a gently supportive way of encouraging the best conditions for healthy OptiMums, OptiDads and OptiBabes. These can stand alone or work in a complementary manner to support you through IVF, during pregnancy, after birth and through breastfeeding.

It is recognised that the greater the health and well-being of the parents in the three months prior to conception, the greater the chance of conception of healthy full term pregnancies and trouble free births.

I encourage both parents-to-be to take positive "me time" to receive Treatments in order to optimise the health and happiness of the whole family, whether there are particular issues relating to conception, pregnancy, labour and birth, or simply a desire to make the most of this time in a way which is loving and nurturing.  This can be a special time of taking care of what really matters to you in your relationship and brings happiness.

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The deep, yet gentle energy work of Golden Way Reiki aims to release and clear old patterns in your history or herstory. This can have a profoundly healing effect upon family dynamics. When a person is in balance physically and emotionally, energetically and psychologically and spiritually, all the body systems perform in a healthy way, reducing stress and tension and regulating cycles. When your body is in this balanced, relaxed state, the conditions are ideal for conception.

Pre-conceptual care is all about helping to prepare the body, mind and spirit for the miracle of conceiving, growing and birthing a baby. Both partners are encouraged to have Golden Way Reiki to aid calm and relaxation, and to optimise emotional wellbeing, and also to nourish their physical body appropriately by paying attention to their diet and lifestyle.

"I can honestly say that the flow of positive energies around my body through reflexology did unlock emotional blockages... making it a far more tranquil place to grow my baby."
(KM - Oxfordshire)

Please contact Elizabeth if you are unsure which Treatments would be best for you. All Treatments are equally valuable for Dads, especially where there are issues around conception as it takes two…
(Completely tailored treatments are also available)

Optimise (Pre-Conception):

Pregnancy is a time in which family patterns may make themselves felt, especially around mothering and fathering issues, so why not begin to resolve these gently before the birth of your child, if not prior to conception?  Sometimes there are very physical blocks to conception. Sometimes for some unknown reason conception does not take place. In either case, Golden Way Reiki can optimise the wellbeing of both partners and enhance their relationship, optimising the chances for a baby to be created and carried successfully, happily and healthily to full term.

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Gentle New Beginnings Cycle: Gently clears, releases, nurtures and re-balances to optimise emotional wellbeing to encourage the flow of wellbeing, enhancing health and fertility prior to conception (Golden Way Reiki x 4 Treatments)

£100/£95 each


Helps to resolve deeper generational family patterns or areas of conflict which can disrupt relationships and the ability to conceive children or to carry a child through to healthy full term pregnancy (Angel Fire x 3 Treatments)

£120/£110 each


Nurture (During Pregnancy):

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Allow you and your baby to be nurtured together.  Receive lovely, gentle, nourishing, rebalancing Treatments to assist with mimimising the discomforts and challenges of pregnancy and prepare your body for trouble free labour and birth, which leads to less need for medical interventions.  Provides gentle emotional support during this time of growing intimacy between you and your unborn child and prepares you for a trouble free labour and birth (Golden Way Reiki x 4 Treatments)

£100/£95 each


Sometime there may be areas of conflict which disrupt relationships and can affect the Mum’s ability to carry a child through to healthy full term pregnancy. Clear & Energise can assist in resolving these, leading to a time of personal re-birth as well as the successful birth of your child (Angel Fire x 3 Treatments)

£120/£110 each


Restore (Birth & Beyond):

Deep Magenta Rose


Let Golden Way Reiki replenish and restore you after labour and birth, and support you through the sometimes emotional early days of parenthood and the challenges of taking care of your baby.  Offers you treasured time to take care of just you (Golden Way Reiki x 4 Treatments)

£100/£95 each


Occasionally, after birth, family challenges and issues can raise their heads, and a course of Clear & Energise Reiki can assist you to deal with these in a safe and reassuring space. (Angel Fire x 3 Treatments)

£120/£110 each



"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion." (The Buddha)

Sometimes, very sadly, things do not turn out the way we would have wished. This can lead to a whole tangle of feelings, including anger, grief, guilt and loss. Honour WellBeing offers a very special series of Stone, Crystal & Gem Reiki Treatments to gently and compassionately assist you to move through the process of grieving and to find resolution and peace. Soul Retrieval is offered optionally to recall to you fragments of your own being which may have been lost to you during trauma, and to deeply release ties which bind you to unhappiness.

NB: These Treatments are not only for Mums - Dads can be deeply affected too.


Harmony Restoration (4 x Reiki Stone Treatments)

DEEP NURTURE - Deepening One (4 x Crystal Reiki Treatments)

DEEP NURTURE - Deepening Two (3 x Crystal Reiki Spirit Treatments)

DEEP NURTURE Embody & Protect (7 x Crystal Path Shield Treatments)

Expansion One (Coming Soon)

SOUL RETRIEVAL - Let Go, Release and Restore (one off Sessions