Rebalance & Replenish

Reiki Treatments, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Reiki, and New Life Reiki to assist resolve issues underlying women's and men's health, hormonal rebalancing, menopause and period regulation.  Offered by Elizabeth Chanter, Shamanic Reiki Master, Crystal Healer & Teacher in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, UK.  Gift Vouchers available.

Honour Replenishing and
Rebalancing Treatments

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Replenish & Rebalance

Women's WellBeing

"A Determined Woman is a Force of Nature..."

Women are amazing at juggling home, life, children and career, however things can get out of balance and this is mirrored in our bodies.  The hormonal balance in our bodies is a very delicate one easily affected by stress.  Disruption to hormonal balance can occur for many reasons, and can give rise to many different symptoms in the body.  This can take the form of:

- Adolescent skin troubles
- Affect the healthy functioning of the thyroid and other glands
- Create uncomfortable menopausal symptoms
- Give rise to period pains and irregularities at any age
- Affect a woman's (or a man's) ability to conceive a child, or carry a baby through to a happy and healthy full term pregnancy

Underlying the disruption of the functioning of our bodies lie the stresses and strains of our lives.

Everybody has a story...

She has a herstory...

He has a history...

Men's WellBeing

Men's health can go out of balance also - and men often put off taking time to look at what is really going on.   Issues can arise around working and family situations, uncertainty about becoming a father, decisions around new directions in career or other transitions can affect how you feel inside with consequences for your physical wellbeing, as well as with relationships with those around you.  Even a seemingly simply sports injury, for example, can mask a deeper call for attention than a visit to your physiotherapist.  Men tend to "soldier on", however they, too need to take some time out for their own wellbeing.  And, if fathering a child is on your mind, well, it takes two...

Regardless of our gender, ultimately the unhappiness and wounds contained within us can give rise to physical symptoms.

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