Second Degree Reiki Attunement

Digital Journey 2nd Degree Reiki Attunement & Training in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire

Honour Journey Second Degree

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“Elizabeth has assisted in transforming my life. She is calm, kind and caring and listens attentively. She has empowered me to make the changes I needed in order to heal.”
(Rachel C - Ontario)


Digital Journey offers stepping stones to a wonderful future and profound personal healing to your relationship to the masculine, active, dynamic principle of life - to Mind, to Father and to Spirit.

The particular aim of Honour Digital Journey Second Degree Attunement and Training is to place Empowered Reiki in your hands, and is the next step to help you achieve clear and safe boundaries, encouraging healthy relationships within yourself and with others.   

This Second Degree enables you to continue to practice for yourself as well as beginning to explore The Reiki Golden Way.  Some people continue with the intention of forming their own professional Healing Practice.  Many others simply wish to follow this special journey for their own healing, for self-development or simply as part of their spiritual journey.

As part of Honour Journey Second Degree:
- You will be introduced to the high level Shamanic Golden Reiki Way Sacred Symbols of Focus, Flow and Stability.
- You will be enabled to send Distant Healing.
- You will be taught further how to create Sacred Space.
- You will receive and learn how to use your own personally dedicated Tourmaline Prayer Wheel.  
- You will also be given further self-development tools and techniques.

There are four full Attunement ceremonies, two on each day. Teaching takes place through visualisation, meditation, images, music, spoken word and with reference to ancient wisdom.  Groups are small to enable individual attention, and each group forms with its own special synergy and themes. Confidentiality within the group is absolute.

BY INVITATION ONLY: Once you have completed your Foundation First Cycle and the work has had time to settle, you may be ready to commence your journey along The Golden Reiki Way.  A minimum of 60 days (two moon cycles) must pass before you can be considered for Second Degree Attunement.  


2nd Degree Invite



Private Venue: Honour Reiki
Church Farm, 117 Church Street, Langford, Beds SG18 9NX

Fee: £560 (non-refundable deposit payable £280 to reserve your place)

Preparation for Journey Second Degree:  A 21 day period of clearing and cleansing begins prior to the Digital Journey Attunement and Training weekend, which you can ideally support gently by giving yourself Reiki each day for the duration.


A Certificate is conferred and a complete and extensive Honour Journeyman Second Degree Manual is supplied on successful completion of the Attunement and Training Course.  

Please note that, until you have completed your Journeyman Treatment Training you are not Licensed for Professional Practice, and you will also require Professional Insurance. 

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There is a 21 day period of cleansing and clearing following the Digital Journey weekend, which you can encourage by practicing Reiki for yourself on a daily basis. During this time, it is not unusual for further emotional issues to come to the surface for release and healing.

This process is further supported by receiving your personal Treatment Cycle of three Reiki Treatments, which can be commenced after 21 days, and you many also be invited to attend for your Primary Soul Retrieval.