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Open, Still, Centre, Release, Revitalise - Rebalance the interplay of Elements within you

Elemental Reiki Healing with Golden Way Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Elizabeth Chanter in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

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"It's difficult to put into words the difference that a course of Reiki with Elizabeth has made to my wellbeing, frame of mind and outlook. To be honest, I was not expecting such powerful results..."
(Diane R - Cheltenham


A special Cycle of Elemental Healing to bring your whole being back towards balance and harmony


Within each of us are five elements - Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth - and each us will tend to exhibit the qualities of one more distinctly than of the others. Whichever one predominates in you, it will have its positive and less than positive aspects. A cycle of Elemental Healing re-balances the interplay of elements within you.  You can receive Elemental Reiki Treatments in two different ways: 

1. As an individual treatment dedicated to the healing of a particular Element - this is a lovely introductory way of receiving Reiki to address a particular issue or as an intermediate treatment, or

2. As a full cycle of five treatments, healing for each Element in turn.

Should you choose to receive a complete cycle of five treatments, it is usual to receive treatments in the order Earth (Open), Air (Still), Spirit (Centre), Water (Release) and Fire (Vitalise). If subsequent cycles are required, we will begin with the Element most calling for healing at that time. 

Do you consider yourself to be primarily:

Elemental Spirit Treatment


Are you conscious that there is far more to the material world than meets the eye, but sometimes challenged to be here and now?

An Elemental Spirit Treatment encourages creative living, spiritual evolution and integration.

Elemental Air Treatment


Do you love building castles in the air, and yet unsure what you need to do to bring things to fruition?

A calming Elemental Air Treatment for the over-active mind, which encourages us to understand what we are here for, or what we need to do next in a more mindfully aware manner.

Elemental Fire


Are you energetic and passionate, but sometimes exasperated that some things are beyond your will to command with a tendency to “burn out”?

An Elemental Fire treatment can re-vitalise and re-energise us, and help us to know which direction to choose for our best wellbeing.

Elemental Water


Are you living a life of exciting, emotional high drama, but sometimes long for serenity and calm?

An Elemental Water Treatment contributes to the health of our emotional being, encouraging us to trust that life is good and that all we need is being provided for us.  Rather than pushing against the flow of life, we can re-discover how easy it can be to move with the tides, and  how best to continue.

Elemental Earth


Are you well able to deal with all the practicalities of life, but sometimes forgetful of your dreams and vision?

An Elemental Earth Treatment enables us to receive all that nourishes us, and ensures our stability and our joy.  It assists us to know that we are worthy of being loved, and encourages us to bring our dreams into reality.

All Elemental Healing Treatments: £90/£85 each



Honour Reiki Soul Retrieval

Shock and trauma take us out of body, and we can lose part of ourselves in the process.  A very special and profound restoration service offered to collect together soul fragments, or parts of your being, left in other places and sometimes in other lifetimes, so these fragments can be returned to where they belong.  Soul Retrieval also assists in finding the way forward when all avenues appear blocked or stuck.

(NB:  This service is only available to those who are already working with me through Reiki.)

£180 Single Fee